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About Powerhouse Logistics

Powerhouse Logistics journey began around 1989, in Sydney when its founder Peter Brueckner (Executive Chairman) came to believe that big is not necessarily beautiful in the logistics industry. "We wanted to achieve the niche status within our industry", says Peter, "and we wanted to avoid dragging customers through a sausage factory," he says and that is what is truly what Powerhouse has achieved.

They were tough economic times back in early 1990s with interest rates around 18%. "Yet that was the start of our success, starting during a recession. We started lean and we've continued that way. Money is always reinvested in the company to allow it to grow naturally".

Some of Peter's interstate friends began to call, asking if they could work in the new business. And so, over time, they began to open up Powerhouse offices around Australia.

Many of the major clients which were attracted to Powerhouse during the dark economic days of the late 80s and early 90s are still customers of the company today. "What that shows is that Powerhouse is competitive in the marketplace," Peter asserts. "Our professionalism had to increase in parallel with our business and we had to get the right people for the job."

Peter Brueckner

Peter Brueckner, Executive Chairman

HTFN a network of independent, privately owned logistics companies spanning some 250 offices in over 60 countries across the globe, is the international connection for Powerhouse and provides access to far greater resources than can be offered by most of the multi-national logistics providers.

"We are 100% Australian owned, staffed and operated," Peter says. "We are profitable, so we pay taxes here in Australia and we contribute to the national economy. We have also donated well over $ 100,000.00 to Australian charities over the years."