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Posted by Peter Brueckner on 28 March 2023

Capabilities, Cooperation, Collaboration, Cricket  & Curry

Most people would have heard of the 5C's and associate them with precious gems. In this case we are referring to the merging of interests between Australia and India

On the cricket ground we remain competitive titans, however off the pitch, India and Australia work towards deepening our mutual commitment by collaborating on an array of initiatives. 

These initiatives aim to strengthen our ties by boosting trade relations, creating investment opportunities, and advocating growth for Australian businesses. 

This is evident in the endorsement of the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement, otherwise known as ECTA, which is now in effect. 

POWERHOUSE Logistics HTFN (Hi-Tech Forwarder Network) partner in India, Continental Carriers Pvt Ltd, was at the forefront of discussions held recently in Mumbai. 

Mr Vaibhav Vohra, the Managing Director of Continental Carriers Pvt. Ltd attended a forum of Australia - India CEO's in Mumbai under the backdrop of ECTA. 

The forum explored emerging economic and investment opportunities, in the presence of Australian Prime Minister Mr. Anthony Albanese and Indian Union Minister Sh. Piyush Goyal, The forum was further enlightened over the benefits of the ECTA by Senator Mr. Don Farell and Ms. Madeleine King MP.

India is Australia's 9th Largest trading partner and the world's fastest growing economy. Together POWERHOUSE Logistics and Continental Carrierswith our determination and experienced teams, will continue to provide supply chain solutions and strive to be the Freight Forwarders of choice between the two nations. 

If you are doing business with India please contact your POWERHOUSE representative to learn more about the benefits of importing and exporting under the ECTA. 

*Content for this bulletin was taken from articles written by Continental Carriers Pvt Ltd, Confederation of India Industry, Dfat, Austrade and Business Council of Australia. 

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Author:Peter Brueckner